The fact is all of us rest our head and smother our faces on our pillows every single night. Therefore, it would make sense we want our pillows to be clean, tidy and clear of any unwanted residue, such as your dead skin cells and oils, hairs, makeup and drool!

That’s why its important for you to invest into getting a pillow protector. Think about it you’re going to spend countless nights resting your head or face on your pillow, so wouldn’t it make sense to keep your pillow in optimal condition by using a pillow protector? Prevent saliva, sweat and other body fluids from damaging your pillow.

Now there are a variety of pillow protector products on the marketplace from basic, white, and even more sophisticated types. But our recommendation is to choose functionality over aesthetics any day, unless your looking for a specific style to match your personality. We suggest You invest into a pillow protector, cover or a case that can zip closed fully, and taking these measures will prevent dust mites, damage, and other potentially harmful compounds from wearing out your pillow.


Below is a list of our top picks for the best pillow protectors you can find on the marketplace to keep your pillow clean and in optimal condition. If you want a pillow that is going to retain its shape and last longer than we highly recommend you invest into a pillow protector. A pillow protector can reduce the amount of times you need put your pillow in the washing machine, hence preventing wear and tear and you can continue to sleep comfy.


Allersoft 100% cotton pillow protector





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